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Feelin' Fine with Matthew Manahan - 28 October 2023

GBART Event: Feelin' Fine with Matthew Manahan

Feelin' Fine with Matthew Manahan - 28 October 2023

When Matthew Manahan takes to the stage on October 28 for the Granite Belt Arts and Crafts Trail (GBART), he’ll be showcasing talent, romance and story in what he described as “a rollicking good time.

Stanthorpe’s well-known son of locals, Dan and Jacinta Manahan, is bringing with him, partner and Greek-born Zoe Ioannou, as well as musical talent, Rob Bertram, originally from Toowoomba.

Matthew said what the trio have in store for attendees is a spectacle that’s “completely original”. “What we will present will be for the family,” he said of the Feeling Fine-themed offering in the Peter Bonner Exhibition Hall. “It will be a taste of the hits of Broadway with a little sprinkle of myself, Zoe and Rob in there. It will be like an ‘Ode to Stanthorpe’.”

Matthew said they’ve been working on presenting “an insight into what it was like for two hungry actors during COVID in Sydney”. “I predict that people who come along will be laughing quite a lot,” Matthew added. “It’s a fully original show, designed for Stanthorpe to celebrate everything that is Stanthorpe. It will be songs they know and some they don’t – songs that kids and adults can enjoy.”

In another twist, Matthew said the two-hour offering will feature “quips of dating a Stanthorpian,” as Zoe has been, and of Toowoomba-related reflections from Rob. “There’s so much going on in the world, we just want people to come and enjoy themselves.”

Copy is appreciated by GBART and used with permission by “The Town & Country Journal”, Southern Downs.

Tickets available online HERE