Media Release - January 2023

Artisan application handbook is ready for GBART 2023.

 New Booklet helps Artisans prepare their application to be on the trail. 

The Granite Belt Art and Craft Open Studio Event, fondly known as “GBART” 27-28-29 October 2023 will be open for artisan applications soon!  In response to feedback from past trail artisans, the Committee has prepared a downloadable booklet for anyone interested in being on the GBART Trail in 2023. GBART Application Terms & Conditions sets out everything you need to know about being a GBART trail artisan.

The key points are –

  1. GBART is for locals by locals. Artisans must have some local connection (ie grew up here, live/d here, or family live on “the Granite Belt as defined by Wikdepedia”). We welcome performing artists as well as visual artisans.
  2. If you make claims about provenance, then we need paperwork if not provided previously.
  3. Visitors want to go behind the scenes, meet the maker, and learn/try out creative things, and attend workshops. We’re offering “I can … try/learn something new”.
  4. GBART is not a passive fine arts exhibition, it is a hands-on art and craft engagement event.
  5. You can be “on the trail” –
    1. as individuals or collectives
    2. with a private studio, at a commercial venue (own arrangements), at another venue you organise yourself such as a small hall
    3. OR at GBART Central aka the Stanthorpe Showgrounds Exhibition Centre.
  6. GBART Central is new and different in the following ways –
    1. Public Liability Insurance is included at this venue only. All other applicants need to provide certificate of currency that extends beyond the event.
    2. Limited “quiet-space” will be set aside for display/sales only (for the introverts who can’t “people” for 3 days).
    3. GBART volunteers will be present at this venue only to help visitors plan their creative adventure d. Entertainment and Refreshments are available.
  7. The GBART agreement requires both artisans and commercial venues to co-promote the event and collect data for future funding. We can only do this with your co-operation.
  8. You told us and we listened - Ticketing and Sales will be the responsibility of the Artisan. GBART will need your ticketing link for programming and marketing. RISE Funding will support artisans without social media presence to create a web sales page hosted by GBART.
  9. We pay a performance fee per application post-event, and do not charge commission.
  10. Applications close on 30 April 2023 – here is the link to GBART Artisan Application. Note your bio is strictly limited to 200 words to save printing costs. 
  11. Photography will be in-studio or at an agreed venue with the GBART official photographer. Our visitors want to meet the maker so you’ll need to be in one “hero shot” for marketing purposes. ONLY GBART photographs will be used – we know what we need to do to get our stories published and market the event. Please co-operate when it is your time to shine.
  12. Please make sure you subscribe to our newsletters to stay up to date! We will keep communication to a minimum but there are things we need you to do to promote yourself (and your venue) even while you are busy preparing to be on the trail.
  13. For all artisan application enquires, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Save the Dates for The Granite Belt Art and Craft Open Studio Event (GBART) 27-28-29 October 2023.

Online Applications close on 30 April 2023.

For all media enquiries please contact: Roxanne Scott for GBART on 0411 433 474 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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