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Petena Moesker

An artist that works with a variety of media

Multi Media Artisan

Patena Moesker is an exhibiting artist and a teacher of art, craft, and design.

She uses a variety of media to create her highly decorative and vibrant artworks.

Patena has been exhibiting and selling her works for more than 20 years. In the mid 1990s, she lived and taught in Alice Springs, implementing the art curriculum for students in Grades 7 to 12. Her “Todd to Teviot” solo exhibition in 2001 featured works inspired by landscapes from the Todd River near Alice Springs to Teviot Brook, Boonah.

Patena’s love for Boonah’s mountain scenery, natural environment, and rural lifestyle is reflected in her artworks. Mt French, Mt Barney, Mt Greville, the iconic Sugarloaf, and other local landmarks feature in a series of brightly coloured, contemporary paintings.

As well as her paintings, Patena also produces beautiful collages with the emphasis on layering the landscape, “bringing in elements of what has gone before - geologically and sociologically.”

Patena, who teaches art at Boonah High School, has been actively involved in Boonah’s art scene and the annual SPAR Arts Festival, coordinating the Calico On The Catwalk wearable art competition for a couple of years.


Petena Moesker

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