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Louise Jenkins - Artist

Charcoal, Pastel, Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media


Geographically I am now very settled, with family, in the magnificent rural landscape of Tenterfield, close to the NSW/QLD border. My nature has not changed, however I now harness this energy and nomad’s perspective exploring ways to express my perceptions of life, through art. For me, being an artist is all about this sense of constant methodical exploration.

Thanks to an early study of fashion design, followed by further study and a career in software development, I am a deeply analytical artist. My process is one of self-reflection and deliberate construction to ultimately shape the perspective that I bring to my art.

I enjoy handling different drawing and painting media, and work with charcoal, pastel, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media, exploring the communicative values of various techniques. Whether I am working with landscapes, animals, portraits, or am freed from tangible subject, my challenge for every piece is make a connection between my view of life and that of the viewer. My artwork is in essence completed when it resonates with a viewer’s experience and perception.

I am comfortable in the realms of both abstraction and realism. The process of creating expressive semi-abstractions thus becomes the most intensely self-reflective for me. I’m an Analyst, I always have been. Part of my job as a software developer was to debug computer programs – programs which were built for a definitive purpose and were perhaps achieving their main objectives, but sporadically producing unexpected results due to indeterminate data or inexplicit instructions. While a software developers would fix these ‘bugs’ , I see that in the creative process, alternative outcomes are both inevitable and desirable. During the creation of a piece I work diligently towards my preconceived main objectives, but also actively seek incongruent opportunities to exploit, thus finding new, original territory, and an increased depth of perception. This is extremely satisfying for me, and ultimately allows me to offer alternative perspectives for the viewer to engage with.

The turn to digital technologies in 2020 has opened up a wealth of opportunities for artists. At the moment, and as I look towards 2021, I am thrilled to be experiencing online workshop opportunities, which include life drawing accessed remotely. The exploration of possibilities continues.


Louise Jenkins - Artist

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