Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery s a small, vibrant regional art gallery. We are the stewards of a large and valuable collection which has been gathered over many years to ensure that the local community has access to the arts. We change exhibitions approximately every six weeks. Our focus is on servicing our local community and visitors, and being a hub for local artists and art organisations. We host the biennial Stanthorpe Art Prize ($50,000 in prize money) and a Local Art Prize ($5000). We also run an arts boutique that sells small artisan gifts and cards all made and designed by local artists. We have weekly public programs, youth workshops, music in the gallery and other events. We have weekly public programs, youth workshops, music in the gallery and other events.

What’s on

Imagined Boundaries Experience: Rob Allen Painter and Adrian Ashman Photographer
Free admission. Humans characteristically set boundaries around their physical, social and conceptual environments in this exhibition, we question the need for those artificial divisions. Rob and Adrian chose an area of 50kms around Stanthorpe as their playground. This rough circle crosses state and local government areas and allowed us to harvest images from the abundance of wild and settled environments. Significantly, these are also artificial partitions around media and genre in the visual Arts. Imagined boundaries casts aside those divisions and establishes an equal partnership of brush and electronic sensor in a celebration of mutual purpose and shared contribution. This partnership creates some challenges, as it is not as straightforward as presenting a single-medium collection of works. Our challenge is to be faithful to the natures of the two media, recognising their characteristics, and ensuring that the contributions inspired by each location make a coherent statement about a locality or tell a plausible story.


Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, 56 Lock Street, Stanthorpe.

The Art Gallery is in Weeroona Park, on the corner of Marsh and Lock Street, one block from the main street with plenty of parking.

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