Jen’s art style depicts her values, beliefs and relationship with all living creatures and features of environment. She is a traditional woman from the Southern Downs. Jen has learned and practiced her culture over the last 29 years from her elders. Her art practice is influenced by country, stories, songs, traditional learnings and being part of the stolen generation.

Jen’s style of art is depicted by Dreamtime stories. Guided by spirit, her techniques consist of lines, dots and specific colours of her country. Her art channels the story of this ancient land, she is one and complete when she paints her stories.

Jen has painted for many years and has found it to be peaceful and calming and gets great pleasure out of people enjoying her art. Her artwork has being sold to collectors from France, Italy, South America, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Africa, Scotland, England, Ireland and various parts of Australia.

What’s on

Jen will be demonstrating her craft at Jamworks Gourmet Larder and Cafe. She is looking forward to meeting you.


Jamworks Gourmet Larder and Cafe

7 Townsend Rd, Glen Aplin QLD 4381