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Whimsical Pottery

Patty hails from Lancashire in the north of England where she grew up with stories of forest dwellers, witches, goblins, elves and fairies. Memories of this magical world have provided the inspiration and material to create her sculptures.

The magic continues as each lump of clay takes on its form and individual characteristics. Patty will often recognize a familiar face or detail from her past or present emerging while she works. With the help of her partner, using local rocks and timber on the property they now have a wonderful little studio set in a very peaceful bush setting.

Many sculptures have been placed in the surroundings to create a magical world. Recently semi-retired allows Patty greater production and time to conduct personal lessons and small “Play With Clay Workshops”, teaching either the basics or the more experienced hand-building techniques.

  • Visitors will find two wineries nearby Mount View Wines and Jester Hill
  • There is ample parking and only the Studio has wheelchair access
  • Tea or Coffee will be provided for workshop clients only
  • There is one private toilet that will be made available for workshop clients only
  • There is only one other neighbour on Cala lane who has been notified.

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