Artisans of 2021

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Patena Moesker

Painting watercolour pencil

After many years as an art teacher, Patena is now a practising artist specialising in the areas of watercolour and pencil graphic works. She is extending that interest into using underglaze colours onto slab, hand-built pottery.

Patena is aiming to create attractive, well-designed, functional pieces. She enjoys using strong, contrasting colour which is reflected in her work. Her work features stylisation and the power of the black line as a unifying graphic element.

Patena is also developing 'Pearl and Ivy' designs that are more commercially orientated, some of which will be available on the day.

Patena grew up in the Granite Belt and returning home after a forty-year absence, she now sees the landscape completely differently from an artistic viewpoint. As such her current and future works include a more focused development of the local imagery.

There is a picture everywhere, especially around Girraween National Park which is a favourite area for inspiration.

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