Artisans of 2021

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Emily Coelli

Watercolour, Acrylics

Emily Coelli is a young emerging artist who has a special interest in watercolour portraiture. Each intriguing image she paints eludes a magical feel and is achieved by using a fresh underworked technique. Emily's paintings also depict subtle unexpected imagery and colours.

Emily began painting in the later years of high school has not looked back. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at QUT and a Masters of Teaching at UNE. Now, Emily works as a high school art teacher in Toowoomba where she enjoys facilitating her student's passions in art while being immersed in the creative world herself.

Emily is the daughter of Tim and Michelle Coelli, owners of Twisted Gum Wines, and has a permanent exhibition in their cellar door. She is consistently inspired by the bush around the property and incorporates this flora and neutral tones in many of her works.

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