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Alpaca Artisan

Alpaca Artisan


We are alpaca breeders located in the Queensland/New South Wales Border Region, who united in 2010 and became known as the Alpaca Artisans.  

Our members work together on everything from husbandry and breeding to shearing and classing alpaca fibre for the commercial fibre industry.  Training is offered to new breeders and shearers, with an emphasis on correct fleece handling and skirting.

The Alpaca Artisans have, more recently, evolved from paddock to product.  

We select fibre for spinning, knitting or weaving into sumptuously soft garments in a wonderful range of natural colours.  Some items can be traced to an individual alpaca.  

You may and a personal message from Bridgette The Alpaca or perhaps a photo of Sammy The Alpaca, telling you the story of how they spent twelve months growing their fibre for you.  All our fibre can be traced back to the farms.  Our alpacas are not just fleece producers.  Like family, they are treated with kindness, to the highest standards of animal welfare.  

We are passionate about Australian Grown and Australian Made.  Our members utilise their many talents, diversifying our product range into jewellery, graphic arts and homewares.

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