Our team has a collectively strong opinion on the value of community. It is as a community that we overcome obstacles and flourish.

GBART’s primary objectives include supporting and promoting the Granite Belt’s growing arts sector, as well as sustaining well-being objectives for our community.

What’s GBART Inc?

GBART Inc is a not-for-profit incorporated association created in 2019 to establish a community wellbeing event, offering ways for both locals and visitors to enjoy the Granite Belt’s rich and diverse arts scene and cultural assets. GBART Inc’s objectives are:

  1. Inclusiveness — Any current or past LOCAL artisan can apply, and everyone can take part “make art”.
  2. Identity — raising awareness of the Granite Belt as an Arts/Cultural Tourist Destination, specifically welcoming visitors from outside the region to come, stay, spend, and play.
  3. Income — supporting the economy of our remote regional rural community
  4. Reduced Isolation — contributing to community wellbeing

How you can support GBART


To enable GBART to reach its objectives and to continue to grow, we invite you to become a member of GBART Inc.

  • Your financial contribution to GBART inc is more than just dollars and cents in the bank.

  • When you become a member of GBART inc, you become a part of our creative family!

All members to GBART inc are automatically subscribed to our e-newsletters and will receive early notification of special events and information.

Select your membership level

Business Member $50

 Business members will be promoted as supporters of GBART on social media, on our website and in e-newsletters sent out to our growing subscriber database  (e.g. “Coming to Stay for GBART? Here are the accommodation places that are GBART supporters ). $50/calendar year from Jan to December 2020.

Venues may make a commercial choice to host artisans who want to apply to be on the trail. The application to be on a trail is a separate process from membership of GBART Inc. which must be completed by the relevant artisan. GBART does not get involved in commercial arrangements between venues and artisans.

Artisan Member $30

This is a fabulous opportunity for artisans looking at exposure for their arts business/passion.  As an artisan member of GBART inc you will be listed on the GBART website for one year and subscribed to our newsletters. Membership $30/calendar year from Jan to December 2020.

NOTE: GBART inc. membership is separate from the process of meeting specific criteria of artisans applying to be on the Art and Craft Trail and does not guarantee you are on the trail.   ONLY Artisans can apply to be on the trail but they may make their own commercial/private arrangements with any venue of their choosing.

Friends of GBART $50

Enjoy social membership and join us as a friend. As well as that warm fuzzy feeling of belonging, as a GBART Inc member your name will be added to the VIP guest list for invitation to the exclusive members only GBART Event Opening. Membership $50/calendar year from Jan to December 2020.

Relax and discover your inner artist at GBART

Associate Member $15

This membership is for those aged 17 years or younger, or who hold a valid student ID. It is a great way for youth to feel they are contributing to their community and to pave the way for their having a voice in the arts. You will be subscribed to our newsletter and be first in line for anything that enables you to take part in GBART. Please email a photo of your ID to [email address] to validate your membership. Membership $15/calendar year from Jan to December 2020.

Priorities for 2020

  • Develop the reputation of the Trail to encourage external visitors to talk about GBART as a unique Arts and Cultural Tourism destination/event, something they would recommend/bring others to enjoy.
  • Develop the tools and engage the expertise to achieve this.
  • Grow the skills of artisans, volunteers and other stakeholders.
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate and cross-market with other regions and events within and external to the Granite Belt; eg Apple & Grape Harvest Festival, Arts NorthWest (NSW), Arts South West (Qld), Goondiwindi Sculpture Trail, Condamine Country Arts Trail (CCART) = A trail of trails that support each other vs compete.
  • Support community well-being all year (by offering opportunities for all stakeholder groups to collaborate, grown and learn).

PLEASE NOTE: Membership commences in January each year. Applications from 1 November or later will carry forward to the next year.

All members will receive an e-newsletter and early notification of special events or information about similar events as received from other organisations. Membership does not automatically place an artisan on the Trail. This is a separate process and requires specific separate criteria and conditions to be met. Businesses and Artisans will be listed on the GBART website and social media; Friends will receive free entry to opening night.