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Louise Jenkins Artist

Painting and Printmaking

Louise Jenkins Artist

Louise works in multimedia. She loves exploring many techniques. Her challenge for every piece is to make a connection between her view of life and that of the viewer.

Her work is completed when it resonates with a viewer’s experience and perception. Louise will showcase printmaker techniques (including mokulito, screen printing, drypoint etching and lithography), to develop further with pastel and/or paint.

In addition to her workshops, Louise's exhibition of works in 2021 will showcase an exploration of printmaker techniques including mokulito, screen printing, dry-point etching, lithography, monoprinting and linocut.

There will be a collection of large vibrant semi-abstracted, multi-layered acrylics, inspired by Art of Flow creative adventures. With 30 - 40 original artworks for sale, there will also be life drawings and Plein air watercolours.

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