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Louise Jenkins — Artist

Different drawing and painting media, and work with charcoal, pastel, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media

Louise Jenkins — Artist

I enjoy a constant restlessness. Looking back, I have had quite a nomadic existence, travelling and working around the world. Geographically I am now very settled, with family, in the magnificent rural landscape of Tenterfield, close to the Queensland—New South Wales border. My nature has not changed, however I now harness this energy and nomadic perspective by exploring ways to express my perceptions of life, through art. For me being an artist is all about this sense of constant methodical exploration.

I enjoy handling different drawing and painting media, and work with charcoal, pastel, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media, exploring the communicative values of various techniques. Whether I am working with landscapes, animals, portraits, or am freed from tangible subject, my challenge for every piece is make a connection between my view of life and that of the viewer. Likewise, I am comfortable in the realms of both abstraction and realism, understanding that they merely offer alternate lines of communication, for the common objective, which is a resonance with a viewer’s own experience and perception. Since the start of 2020, I added plein air painting with watercolours to my practice.

As any traveller would know, getting out there and doing it is a far different experience to reading about it in a travel guide, and often the ground less explored is that closest to home. After that first step is taken, the adventure has begun. I began 2020 with a watercolour workshop with internationally acclaimed watercolourist David Taylor. My exhibition will feature plein air watercolour paintings (sometimes pen and wash), from my immediate district, including a selection from historic Tenterfield Station. These will be complimented with new acrylic paintings and drawings, and a selection of older works which provide context.



Louise is providing:

  • A series of drawing challenges designed to help people experience what is meant by seeing as an artist, and opening the door to expressive drawing.
  • No experience is necessary.
  • All materials provided (bring your own sketch pad and pencil or charcoal if preferred).
  • This activity is free, though a gold coin donation would be appreciated.
  • There is plenty of space outside for visitors to socially distance with ease in the fresh air, and draw at their own pace.
  • There is a lovely view of the lake to draw, or choose from the available still life objects.
  • Shared items like pencils, clipboards and still life objects will be sanitised between use, but you are welcome to bring your own sketch pad and pencil if you prefer.
  • She looks forward to talking about the works on display and offering insight into her artistic process.
  • Art works are for sale, so whilst enjoying the exhibition, keep your eyes peeled for the perfect piece to enrich your home.
  • Louise hopes that her art works will inspire other artists.