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Krishna Heffernan — Indigenous Collage Artist

Her specialty is collage paintings which incorporate paper and paint techniques

Krishna Heffernan —  Indigenous Collage Artist

Krishna is an Aboriginal woman from the Wiradjuri nation of Central New South Wales and has family connections with the Yorta Yorta people of Victoria.

  • Her specialty is collage paintings which incorporate paper and paint techniques which give her paintings vibrant colors and textures.
  • She also does patterned landscape lino prints in black and white.

In the past seven years, Krishna has taken up painting and has in the last four years been exhibiting her work in local galleries around the Granite Belt region. Krishna has a degree in Visual Arts from Riverina Murray College in NSW where she majored in ceramics and glass work.

She lives in Wyberba with her husband and devotes her time to her art, gardening and family, happily married with four children and eight grandchildren.



  • Krishna's work is a combination of paint and paper and other objects.
  • She uses a collage approach to developing her paintings.
  • Her love of colour and texture is evident in her art work and she draws inspiration from her environment.
  • She likes to focus on patterns that can be seen in objects as well as look beyond the obvious to the spiritual depth in the landscape.
  • Krishna has extended her art work into printmaking, specifically lino cut prints.
  • Her work is highly patterned in stark black and white.