GBART is a dedication to all things creative that showcases the talent of artists & artisans that come from the Granite Belt. Exhibiting at studios, galleries, community spaces & small halls across The Granite Belt.

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Amiens History Association Inc

Showcasing the art of tin mining and smelting along with artworks in various media

Amiens History Association Inc

The Amiens History Association comprises a group of historical enthusiasts in Qld, Australia, who have a specific interest in creating the Amiens Legacy Centre and preserving the memory of the settlers who participated in the Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme in South East Queensland following WW1. 

For GBART, the group will be showcasing the art of tin mining and smelting along with artworks in various media such as granite sculpture, paintings, leadlight, landscaping and topiary.



  • An artisan will demonstrate and encourage visitors to pan for tin in shallow running water. This will be followed by smelting of some tin oxide and demonstration of its use in making a moulded token. Due to the heat required the smelting will be demonstration only for safety reasons.
  • Panning for tin can occur at any time patrons wish to try their hand.
  • Smelting demonstrations will be more limited but regular.
  • Visitors can undertake guided tours of our site and presentations of information about the Soldier Settlers from WW1. On site we have a beautifully restored 1909 rail carriage in addition to viewing works of art which include a leadlight poppy window, magnificent poppy quilt, granite sculpture and large mural depicting the soldier settlers and historical clips.
  • Our landscaped garden has many surprises for you to discover and inside our shed we will have artwork by a local artist.
  • At 2pm on Saturday and Sunday we will have performing artists in the form of the Granite Belt Community Band and the Granite Belt Junior Choir respectively. Be prepared to sing with the kids, at a social distance, of course!