GBART is a dedication to all things creative that showcases the talent of artists & artisans that come from the Granite Belt. Exhibiting at studios, galleries, community spaces & small halls across The Granite Belt.

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Alpaca Artisans - Julie Hockings and Anni Washington

Processing their beautiful fleece into a range of products

Alpaca Artisans - Julie Hockings and Anni Washington

A lifetime interest in the land, sustainability, natural fibres and livestock led Julie Hockings to escape the rat race in the late nineties and embark on a new adventure breeding alpacas. Now located at Dalveen, at the northern end of the Granite Belt, Julie runs 150 alpacas, processing their beautiful fleece into a range of products including garments, fashion accessories, homewares, jewelry and giftware. An advocate for slow fashion, her mantra is “Fashioned for a lifetime, not just a season”.

In the sixites, seventies and even the eighties domestic knitting machines were common in Australian homes. Out of favour for many years, they are now enjoying a worldwide resurgence in their use. Julie has reconditioned a number of these old machines, creating a wide range of knitted items. In addition to knitting, many other textile techniques are used, including spinning, felting, weaving, quilting and dyeing. Julie, in conjunction with the other members of the Alpaca Artisans, has more recently dabbled with other media such as polymer clay and card, to create a range of jewellery and giftware.

Annie has been painting for many years now. Her favorite medium is watercolor for its spontaneity, luminosity, colour and excitement. Coming back to watercolor, after a time with oils and acrylics, she found that her approach to watercolors had changed significantly, becoming more bold and free in style. She enjoys emphasising the qualities and effects in technique that make the watercolor medium so unique. She also likes to experiment with abstract landscape in watercolour and collage. Annie also works with polymer clay to make funky and colourful beads, to design unique jewellery. Each piece stands alone as a work of art. Annie handspins mainly alpaca ply to knit scarves, cowls and beanies in natural alpaca colours. She also loves to hand dye , using colourful, non toxic dyes.


Alpaca Artisans will offer

  • Felted Christmas Decorations and Christmas Card Making workshops.
    • The workshops are free, and limited to five participants per workshop each day.
    • To book, please telephone 0428 661 114.
  • There will be spinning and weaving demonstrations throughout the day.
    • For those who would like to try their hand at weaving, several Inkle Looms will be available for you to have a play.