WORKSHOP 1 - Learn how to grow your art business

This workshop is designed to help artists look at a range of possible new ways to approach how they sell and market their art.

GBART has organised for high profile successful artists and marketers to spend time sharing with artists what is working in the current market and how to make this a reality for them. The workshop will include looking at online web sites and marketing, diversification of product, how to be successful at markets, exhibitions art trails and pop up stalls and new trends.

This is an opportunity for local artists who are serious about expanding their profile and sales to engage with experts in the art field.

Date: Thurs, 2nd March 2023 – 9am-3pm



WORKSHOP 2 - Developing an art sales page with GBART support

This 2-DAY workshop builds in a practical way on Workshop 1. Artists who attend this workshop will have the opportunity to set up a sales page on the GBART web site. Artists will be shown how a sales page works.

IT experts will be engaged by GBART to help with the set up and ongoing support needed to maintain a web page. At the end of the workshop you will have a designated sales page on GBART website, you will have learned how to upload new images of your art work and maintain the sales page.

This is a perfect solution for artists who don’t have their own website but are keen to get exposure for their art work online.

Date: Sat, 25th March 2023 – 9am-3pm

WORKSHOP 3 - How to diversify for art in 2 mini workshops

Product diversification is one way to increase your art sales. This workshop is 2 mini workshops designed to give you practical skills to diversify your artwork. 

Mini 3 hr workshop (9am to 12 noon) in dry point/ printing work to produce cards for sale. 

Liz Powell will lead this workshop and will work with artist to show them how to use basic dry point print skills to develop a series of cards ready for sale. 

Mini 3 hr workshop (1pm to 4pm) is how to use a picture/painting to produce a range of designs that could be adapted for product diversification. 

This workshop will be lead by Naomi Grant who has been a professional artist for 40 year+ and has a degree in design. 

 Date: Sat, 20th May 2023 – 9am-4pm


"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou