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Art is timeless. It tells stories and captures moments inspired by an artisan’s hands and mind. It gives the observer the chance to breathe in an expression of communication that goes beyond words.

GBART is a grassroots-driven event, inspired by artisans for artisans.  You can browse around the individual posts for each artisan below, or click on the flip book (here).

The Granite Belt is home to an eclectic community of creatives. Their artistry brings colour and diversity to our rural way of life. GBART is an opportunity for our local artisans to share their gifts and their talented processes with you.

At Last! Who and what will be on the 2020 Trail is here! 

We’re so excited, pleased and proud to present the 2020 programme, maps and information for you to start planning your own Art Adventure!


Welcome to creativity!

Crank’d Socks

Dani enjoys different crafts with yarn and fibre, but for [...]

Owen Ronalds — Glass Artisan

Owen has been working with glass, on and off, for [...]

Boomerang Bags Stanthorpe — Upcycled Sewing

Boomerang Bags Stanthorpe volunteers meet weekly to transform reclaimed materials [...]

Karen McCann — Tindarra Fine Art and Pet Portraits

Artist Karen McCann started drawing at a young age. Trying [...]

Borderline Regional Arts & Fibre Arts Group

Borderline Regional Arts Association Inc (Borderline) had its beginning in [...]

Louise Jenkins — Artist

I enjoy a constant restlessness. Looking back, I have had [...]

Pam Docherty — Precious Metal and Clay Jeweller

Pam's jewellery has found its way to many countries worldwide. [...]

Amiens History Association Inc

The Amiens History Association comprises a group of historical enthusiasts [...]

Jen Cooke — Acrylic Artist

Jen Cooke exhibited her first painting in Canberra at the [...]

RZ Art  — Watercolourist

Extensive travel has given Roz an appreciation of how beautiful [...]

Jen Martin — Indigenous Artist

Jen's art style depicts her values, beliefs and relationship with [...]

Judi Pidgeon — Watercolourist

Watercolour is my preferred medium, loving the results gained by [...]

Emily Coelli — Watercolourist

Emily Coelli is a young emerging artist who has a [...]

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