YOU MUST ATTEND A WORKSHOP (with 3 pieces of your work and any necessary props for photography there) BEFORE YOU CAN APPLY TO BE AN ARTISAN ON THE TRAIL.


How to apply

We are here to help!

Please book your 30 min workshop appointment using the booking button below when we announce we are open for bookings either x facebook or newsletter.

Please do not start online application until you have completed your workshop.  Please do not apply via a mobile device.


Application information

What is GBART? It is the short name for The Granite Belt Art and Craft Trail.

A booklet with a map showing information about artisans and venues including their locations and event programmes so visitors can plan their own “adventure”.
The idea is for people to use this booklet to create their own adventure across the advertised days/times in the last 3 days of October.
The ‘Open Studio’ EVENT is when Artisans “ON THE TRAIL” commit to inviting the public into their studios (or commercial venue by separate arrangement) to experience their art or craft process by way of a demonstration, workshop or practise of their art or craft.
Groups of Artisans/Crafters (Collectives) can collaborate, an example might be Borderline Regional Arts, Boomerang Bags or Stanthorpe
Potters. Tourist venues or other businesses can ‘Adopt an Artisan’ where they take up residence at a local business (eg winery or café
etc) over the weekend. Our key point of difference is that the artisans offer something for visitors to see/do across the advertised
hours/dates – In our 3rd year, we know that our guests come expecting to meet the makers, take part in a workshop and/or watch a demonstration.  It is not an art exhibition but an “engagement event”.

If “peopling all day” is not for you, then please apply to “display only” at our quiet space in the Showgrounds Exhibition Centre.

Please think ahead about things like lighting, display equipment and “helpers” to ensure this is a good experience for you and our guests.

LOCAL Artisans (including performing artisans) only. 

Local means:  “an individual or group of individuals who live OR have previously lived on ‘The Granite Belt’  OR have family currently living in The Granite Belt OR have current active professional membership with a Granite Belt artisans organisation such as Borderline Regional Arts”. 

The Granite Belt means:From Dalveen in the North to Wallangarra in the South. Villages such as Applethorpe, Amiens, Ballandean, Glen Aplin, Passchendale, Thulimbah, Pozieres and Liston(NSW) are included.”  

APPLICATION FEES – please make one payment in full per application by direct debit to Bendigo Bank Account Number BSB 633 000 Account 168 641 066 with your unique ApplicantName to match your application as the description – please ask if you need a receipt.  

  1. $50 application fee for Individual or NFP Collective with own studio OR roving performing artisan/Group – you will need own PL Insurance.
  2. $150 Individual or NFP Collective at Commercial Venue (eg cafe/winery), small hall OR Showgrounds Exhibition Space; or commercial artisan venue (eg Anna’s Candles, Alpaca Arts Collective) – no split payments please.

Except for the showgrounds exhibition hall (showgrounds), artisans must be demonstrating,  performing  providing a talk, meet the maker, workshop or other engagement experiences for visitors with their art/craft, between 10am and 4pm on Friday 29th October Saturday 30th October and Sunday 31st October 2021.  Those at the showgrounds must be in attendance for sales and enquiries (or at least cover advertised hours by roster prepared by GBART).

Those providing engagement experiences will be paid a “performance fee” to be confirmed closer to the date, on completion of all conditions of the event (see below).

*Note – Each year some guests complain about venues late opening and early closures.  Please ensure you are present and available for the stated dates and hours.   Roving or performing artisans will be programmed separately. 

Artisans can organise a suitable venue or contact GBART to book space at a small hall or the showgrounds.  GBART does not get involved in arrangements with commercial venues, however we reserve our right to charge commission and to standardise commissions charged by venues in future.

Display equipment or lighting is not supplied by GBART.

Please wait until bookings are finalised before printing your promotional material in case we need to consolidate small halls or change programming.

Certificates of current public liability insurance and COVID compliance are required from each venue (except small halls and showgrounds co-ordinated by GBART).  Except for Small Halls and the showgrounds, GBART does not organise venues for artisans, or find local artisans for businesses.

The objective of this event is to provide visitors with an engaging experience and insight into the process of your chosen
media/genre.   Our guests expect to engage with the makers.    Please note this before you apply.  Exhibitions and sales without engagement are limited to the showgrounds venue only.

APPLICATION ASSESSMENT is by GBART inc. and decisions are final.  No correspondence will be entered into.  No late applications will be considered.  Your application here is loaded directly into the booklet by the printer.  Please ensure everything is correct before you load it as we do not have the resources or extra funds to make changes after applications are completed.   Word limits will be adhered to to manage ever-increasing printing and distribution costs.    The panel may contact organisations to verify provenance documents.


PLEASE BRING 3 PIECES OF WORK FOR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY WHICH WE WILL TAKE AT THE APPLICATION WORKSHOPS.  Photographs taken will be the property of GBART and used for marketing purposes.  You have permission to use them for the sole purpose of promoting the event.  If you would like to use them elsewhere, please email and tell us where and when you would like to use them and we will seek permission of the photographers. Please note we usually publish the photographs we take of you with your work, because people want to meet you before they visit the event.  Our media specialist calls them “hero shots”.   We can only use photographs or images of you and your work taken by GBART providers, ie supplied images can not be accepted.

Selection requirements and post-event performance payments are subject to the following :

  • Standard of and adequate body of work and authentic studio experience offering/program preparedness = engagement offering.
  • If you identify as an indigenous person, please provide a current copy of your Indigenous Corporation Number (or similar provenance evidence).
  • No copyright or intellectual property breaches.
  • Certificate of Current Public Liability insurance for your venue if private studio, Flying is one option but please make your own commercial decision.
  • Evidence your venue is COVID compliant.
  • Your social media link for your artisan business (and nothing else), preferably on facebook.
  • GBART will centralise programming, promoting, ticketing and sales of your workshops and co-host events to support regional tourism vendors promoting us.
  • Please cross-promote posts made by us of ALL GBART supporters and artisans.  This means actively liking and sharing posts,  subscribing to/sharing our publications and newsletters in a positive and supportive way throughout the year.
  • GBART content and images are provided for promoting GBART and for no other purpose.   Please ONLY use social media pages and platforms that are relevant to your role for GBART  (ie no personal, political or unrelated sites to use GBART as a vehicle for any other agenda).
  • GBART is a wellbeing event for the Granite Belt Community.  We have no political or social or other affiliations.  Please do not link GBART with anything that does not belong to it. Our objectives are inclusiveness, Economic Uplift for our community, Identity as an Arts/Cultural Destination and reduced Isolation.
  • Posts or comments or communication on any platform in any media that do not support these objectives are not tolerated, no excuses.
  • We provide you with guest books and feedback sheets so we can collect visitor numbers, sales figures and our guests permission to ask them for feedback by email post-event.  We analyse and report this data to sponsors for funding aquittals and use this data for new funding applications.  This is how we fund paying your performance fees *hint-hint*.  Please ensure you make these arrangements clearly with your venue for this before you finalise your application.   We need to know how many people we brought to the region and to your venue, way beyond how many attended a workshop or bought your work.
  • By completing the application, you are confirming that you have permission of all the parties to your application to apply, that you have communicated these requirements and arrangements with them, and the information provided in your application as the liaison person is true and correct.
These dates are subject to change due to COVID-19

March – Applicant Workshop Bookings Open.  There will be 6 workshops at different locations.

April-May – there will be six opportunities to book an appointment for your photography at an applicant workshop during April and May.   Artisans will receive a free 30 min professional photography session.   Please bring 3 pieces of your work.  Applications will close on Friday 28 May 2021

June – Applications are evaluated and verified.  All application steps must be completed including photography at one of our four workshops.

July  – Trail Booklets & Programmes are prepared/proofed and sent to printer.
August  – Trail Booklets & Programme distributed.    August – Opening Night Tickets will be open for purchase.
October 29, 30, 31  – GBART Open Studios Event – 10am to 4pm – ONE HUGE LONG WEEKEND!

Please prepare a draft of your application before you attend a workshop so you have your questions ready for that opportunity.

Please do not begin the application online until you have everything you need ready to load.

If you need help with anything relating to your application, please call Rosy on 0417 727 997 so we can do our best to help everyone be “GBART ready”.

If you are not using your own venue or a small hall please obtain venue owner’s permission before you apply.

Step 1 – Select Application Type

Individual w/ Private Studio/Workspace
Not for Profit Community Organisation
Artisan in Residence at Small Hall or a Business