Artisan Application – Artisan in Residence at Small Hall or a Business

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    Note: Please be sure to complete fields that indicate required.

    Part A - Consent & Undertaking

    I , apply to participate in the GBART OPEN STUDIO EVENT 2020. I/We commit to being open to the public Saturday & Sunday on 24/25th and 23 October and 1 November, from 10am – 4pm. I/we consent to images being used for promotional purposes. I confirm that I am authorised to liaise with GBART on behalf of my Collective/Group, and verify that all information provided to GBART is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.

    Part B - Contact Details

    We require this information so we can communicate with you/your group. Note: applicant must be an artisan/nfp group, not a commercial venue.

    Address for Snail Mail


    Part C - Social Media

    Part D - Artisan Details

    Note: The number of artisans is used to calculate your application fees ($50 per artisan and $50 for the venue)

    Note: This form allows for up to 10 artisans to register. If you require more, please contact us (details at the bottom of this form)

    First Artisan

    Second Artisan

    Part E - Describe The Visitor's Engagement Events You're Offering

    Please provide details on what people can expect to see/do at your venue. How can visitors can register for a class (including costs, things to bring/materials/requirements). If you are creating events with costs/fixed start times, please make sure you have your booking process in place so we can promote you. We will help to promote the link to anything you give us but we can’t take your bookings. Example Miss Jane and Mr Squiqqle will offer two x 2 hour workshops on “blackboard techniques” starting at 10am and 2pm each day. $30 includes all materials, tea and coffee, and instruction by Ima Artist. BYO playclothes and waterbottles. Numbers are capped to a max of 10 people, use “trybookings” or phone Ms SteamShovel to book on 0412345678 before 20 Oct 2020

    200 words max

    Part F - Describe Your Studio or Venue - location etc

    Please list: Accessibility of location including facilities (toilets, parking, guest areas), and nearby places of interest. This section is to help inform trail visitors so they can plan their day/time and will not affect the application’s assessment.
    Please make sure you have discussed your plans for this event with your neighbours.

    200 words max


    • PART A – signed by applicant AND authorised owner of venue (if not you OR a small hall),
    • PART B - details completed by artisan or authorized person for collective
    • PART C – ARTISAN or COLLECTIVE website, Facebook or other social media links
      (like and follow GBARTtrail, subscribe to Newsletters – share and promote GBART 2020 please!)
    • PART D – for each artisan, bio, social media links of work that will be on the trail
    • PART E – max 200 words about the engagement events to be offered.
    • PART F – max 200 words about the venue LOCATION (ie what is available in the area, food, refreshments, facilities?)
    • Once you have this section of the form complete, you can progress to step 2 to upload your files (images and insurance certificate). Please note, when you start on step 2, you cannot return to this page and make changes.